Council Permits

If a skip bin is placed within your property boundary, no permit is required. Skip bins placed in public areas such as the road or nature strip generally require a permit to be obtained prior to placement.

As each council differs in their requirements, we recommend you visit your local council’s website for more information. Failure to obtain a skip bin permit here necessary may result in a fine.

Council permits can be costly, so wherever possible we suggest for the skip bin to be placed within your property boundary. For this reason, it may be more economical to have two small bins within the property than one larger bin on public property.

Skip Bin Placement & Permits

Do I need a Permit?

When skip bin is placed on a public property, council permit is required.

Please allow adequate time for your application to be processed and approved. Local councils will only issue approval once payment is processed.

You may also require a copy of our Public Liability Policy (PDF) .

Please note we will not deliver your skip bin until the necessary permit has been obtained. You must keep receipt of council approval on site at all times during the skip bin hire period.

How To Obtain Your Permit

Step 1

Find your Council Permit below to download

Step 2

Also find and download our Public Liability Policy

Step 3

Submit your completed documents to your council

Download your Council Permit