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We care about your Safety! All of our heavy duty steel skip bins engineered to strict safety standards.

Marell and Hook Skip Bins for Hire

Both Marell and Hook skip bins are manufactured from heavy duty steel to strict engineering standards.

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Marell skip bins are lifted and lowered off the back of the truck by chains. Marell bins are used where space is at a minimum. Marell bins are generally smaller and can usually be placed in driveways and places with difficult access.

They are good for small household clean-ups or for building sites which require smaller bins for recyclable materials. Small 2m Marell bins are trapezoidal in shape.

Hook skip bins require more clearance. They are lowered on and off the truck by the truck’s hydraulic system. Hook bins usually require a clearance of at least 3 metres. Hook bins can be placed into carports and garages and other places with difficult access.

They are the preferred bin for building sites that generate large quantities of waste. All Hook bins have rear opening doors to allow easy manual loading. All Hook bins are rectangular prism in shape.

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Important Considerations when ordering a skip bin


Consider first the access you have to your property. Measure the spot you would like the bin to be placed and then decide what size bin will be suitable. Take into consideration overhanging trees and power lines and also the steepness of the driveway. The dimensional envelope of each vehicle is available so we can advise which trucks will be the most suitable.

Consider also elevating the bin onto planks of wood or pallets. This can protect your driveway or lawn.

Choose your bin size

Estimate the amount of waste you will require to be placed into the skip bin.

If you can, place all the waste in one place and measure the dimensions, however this is not always possible. Try to visualise the size and then estimate. E.g. a pile of waste 2M X 3M X 1M will require a 6 cubic meter bin. Remember when loading your bin to use every bit of space and pack tightly.

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Council Permits

If a skip bin is placed on within your property boundary, no permit is required. Skip bins placed in a public place such as the road or nature strip usually require a permit. Each Council has different requirements, so it is important to check these details first. Council permit fees can be expensive so wherever possible it is better for the skip bin to be placed within the property boundary. It may be more economical to have two small bins within the property that one larger bin on public property.

Placing a skip bin on your own property also avoids other people placing rubbish in your bin.

Council permits can be found on our website and are routinely updated. Our Public Liability Policy is also available from our website.

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Waste Type

When ordering your skip bin it is important to know what type of waste you are disposing of.

The cost of your bin is dependant not only on the size of the bin but also the weight. There are different rates for light house hold waste and heavy building waste. Sorted and separated recyclable waste is the least expensive – e.g. all brick and concrete, all timber , all vegetation or all clean fill.

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What Can Go In The Bin

General Household Waste

Unwanted household waste can be taken and that includes:

  • Old clothes
  • Old toys
  • Old furniture
  • Appliances
  • White goods
  • Other household items
  • Garden/Green Waste

    We take all garden waste from:

    • Trees
    • Shrubs
    • Weeds
    • Wood
    • Dirt
    • Turf

    Office Waste

    There are a number of recyclable products from building materials and general household/office waste including:

    • Paper and Cardboard
    • Plastic and Glass Bottles
    • old office furniture
    • Photocopiers
    • Old computers
    • Factory cleanups

    General Building Waste

    General building waste from home demolition or renovation projects, which includes:

    • Timber
    • Floor boards
    • Doors
    • Window frames
    • Steel and Metal Products
    • Bricks
    • Concrete
    • Roof tiles
    • Rubble
    • Aluminium
    • Typical building materials left over from the worksite.

    Should you require any of the above items to be disposed of, please contact us and we can arrange safe disposal.

    Bins for asbestos can be ordered. Instructions on the safe handling of asbestos can be obtained from the Department of Environment and Conservation here . All waste must be contained within the bin. We are not permitted to carry bins if the waste is above the sides of the bins.


    You can put almost anything in a Brown Bros. Skip Bin.

    However there are some restrictions:

    • Fibro / Asbestos or contaminated loads
    • Contaminated waste
    • Food or Liquids, Putrescible waste
    • Liquid or Chemical waste, full paint tins, oil, fuel and toxic waste
    • Gas bottles
    • Tyres
    • Batteries
    • Mattresses

    If you require any of these materials to be disposed of we can arrange special bins for the asbestos and advise on alternate ways of disposal of the restricted items.

    Safe Transportation Practices

    As you may be aware, there are specific road safety laws with regards to the transportation of waste that we must adhere to. The Roads and Maritime Service is cracking down on the movement of all loads to ensure they comply with road transport regulations. All transporters with medium to heavy vehicles are being scrutinized to increase the safety of the nation’s roads.

    Likewise, the EPA has strict regulations in removing all hazardous materials which are imposed on both the transporter and receiving transfer station or recycling yard. The most common example is Asbestos and even the smallest piece/remnant of Asbestos found in a load of any type will result in a reload and further charges.

    At Brown Bros. Skip Bins, we pride ourselves on providing a professional waste removal service, and comply with all laws imposed on our industry. In performing our services, we endeavour to ensure that all services are executed in a safe and efficient manner, while paying close attention to Work Health and Safety to protect our drivers, our customers and the public.

    The safety of all stakeholders is paramount in all services we provide. A driver can be held directly responsible for unsafe transportation of materials and equipment, placing greater importance on assisting them with safe transportation practices. Important points to observe include, but are not limited to:

    • All bins must not be filled above the rim of the bin
    • All waste must be secured within the bins and cannot have the potential to become unsecure during transportation
    • All hazardous waste must be collected separately and cannot be collected with general waste or recyclable materials, as there are tracking requirements for hazardous materials. Furthermore, transfer stations/tip sites have laws with which they must follow in the removal of hazardous materials
    • All hazardous waste must be correctly wrapped in accordance with the EPA rules and regulations

    In the instance that your bin does not adhere with the above laws, we cannot pickup your bin in accordance with Roads and Transport Legislation. As a result, the bin may incur extra charges.

    If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office and speak with one of our team members.

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    Brown Bros. Skip Bins do not go directly to landfill. They are taken to recycling centres where the waste is sorted, recycled and the minimum amount possible sent to landfill. Over 80% of Waste picked up by Brown Bros. Skip Bins is recycled. End products include Road Base, Wood chips and filling sand.

    Brown Bros. Skip Bins have always encouraged our customers to recycle. If you are doing a large building or renovation, consider having several smaller bins, where you can separate the waste into Brick and concrete, timber, gyprock and clean fill .Sorting your bins is a good way of reducing your costs. It is important that all recyclable bins are 100% the waste type they are being disposed at. All waste is inspected by a waste Inspector both before and during unloading and loads found to also contain non-conforming waste are then charged at the higher mixed demolition rate.

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    Would like to Recycle? Your waste can be sorted on your site.

    Hazards and Contamination

    Overloaded Skip Bins - Brown Bros. Skip Bin Sydney

    Overloaded Bins

    It is important to not overload your bin. There are heavy fines imposed by the RMS for overloaded bins. Brown Bros. Skip Bins Drivers are instructed to not pick up overloaded bins. An overloaded bin is a hazard and Brown Bros. Skip Bins reserve the right to level the waste on picking up the skip bin if it is overloaded.

    Fill to the rim only; all waste must be within the bin. Ensure that the bin is evenly loaded, heaviest items at the bottom and lighter at the top. All bins are tarped before removal.

    Disposal of Asbestos

    We generally do not take these items

    It is illegal to re-use, recycle or illegally dump asbestos products. It is also illegal to dispose of asbestos waste in domestic garbage bins. Asbestos can only be disposed of at a landfill site that can lawfully receive this waste.

    Individuals can remove up to 10 square meters of bonded asbestos. For sizes greater than this a licensed contractor must be used. Friable or unstable asbestos must be disposed of through a licensed asbestos removal contractor. For information about available contractors go to

    If you require a skip bin for asbestos removal Wayne and our logistics team can advise you on the best procedure in accordance with Work Cover requirements

    Contaminated Loads

    Bins with concealed asbestos are deemed contaminated loads. When the concealed asbestos is discovered, the entire waste load is rejected and the contents of the bin are re-loaded at the landfill site by the operators and Brown Bros. Skip Bins are directed to remove the rejected load from the site. A record of the rejected load is maintained by the facility and reported to state authorities.

    • 1. The bin will be returned to the site from which it was collected, the hirer will be served with any Rejected Load Certificate if issued by the authorised waste disposal facility and the hirer will be charged a rejected load fee and return cartage fee
    • 2. Where the bin cannot be returned to the hirer’s site from which it was collected, the bin will be taken directly to an authorised waste disposal facility, the hirer will be served with any Rejected Load Certificate if issued by the authorised waste disposal facility and the hirer will be charged a rejected load fee and the tipping charges for the disposal of the rejected load

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    Remember, both Wayne and our logistics team are only a phone call away and are always happy to find the best possible solution to your waste disposal needs.

    If you are not sure or have any doubts as to whether material is asbestos, do not put it in the waste bin and telephone Wayne or our logistics team and we will assist you in the identification of the material.

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